Episode 75: Yet More Songs in 20 Minutes

In Season 5 Episode 4 we continue our journey through the creative world of Song in 20 Minutes with last week’s winner “Pluto”, originally by Scod but with many elements added by Tripod. Enjoy the fruits of their labours!

We also see the return of fan favourite segment “Two Stories” (I can *assure* you it’s a fan favourite) where it is revealed that one of us has a corona virus, or does it? That’s what makes it Two Stories (that’s how the segment works yeah?) along with many other musings. A full episode as always.

Lastly we’d like to acknowledge the financial supporters of this show – the City of Melbourne and, of course, our wonderful Patreon subscribers. Without them both we would be a bunch poorer and a bunch sadder. Wow! What a note to end on. 🙂 So let’s end on this note – we very much hope hat this episode brings you some joy and happiness to your day. We certainly enjoyed creating it for you.