Episode 8: Melbourne

Finally, after what feels like months of not being in the same room, Tripod and Poggo are back in Melbourne for their 8th episode of amazing content. And what better way to celebrate such an occasion? A Melbourne-themed episode is what.

Hear Melbourne-based songs like Melbourne Girl, Santa Fe and The Blueprint along with an amazing new segment – “Gatesy’s Audio Corner”. The hottest tech-talk segment ever to be submitted to digital formats.

Episode Notes:

03:00 – It’s Gatesy’s Audio Corner with a BRAND NEW BUMPER.

27:00 – Where the riff to Melbourne Girl really came from…

28:30 – Live performance of Melbourne Girl from Pod August Nights

47:30 – Live performance of Santa Fe from Middleborough Road

54:04 – A quick Mailbag segment, well, one letter.

1:09:40 – Live performance of The Blueprint from Men of Substance

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