Episode 82: Penultimate Songs in 20 Minutes!

Here we are again, coming at you with the penultimate episode of Season 5 – many would say one of our more successful seasons since Season 4.

Not only do we begin with the now legendary “Intro in (sort of) 20 Minutes” but we perform the winning song from last episode, Gatesy’s superb “Another One”. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s it’s a wonderful almost-finale to the year.

But there’s more of course! A NEW set of candidates with a distinctly Christmas feel. Who will win the battle for the holidays?! Only you will know (after you listen – it’s how it works).

As always me must thank our awesome Patreon supporters. Without them this show would be very hard to maintain (and justify to our partners and families). Love you all lots.

And with that, we’ll leave you to soak up the product of our tears and sweat (ewwwww).