Episode 9: Gatesy

In a never ending quest to deliver the most “fresh” and “exciting” content, Tripod have changed it up AGAIN and thought the best way to achieve this was not to turn up at all. For what is more pure than a podcast that contains no content BUT in some cosmic way contains ALL content as a result?!

The resulting podcast was described by our test audience as “silent”. So we did something different.

However, due to a scheduling error, and the fact that Scod and Yon have young heirs to groom in their image, responsibilities have been left to, what many say, is the best two Perfectly Good Podcast personalities. The result? The Gatesy and Pog show!!

In this episode Poggo gets up close and personal with Gatesy and finds out what really makes him tick. We asked Gatesy to provide three songs (as that is the way of things) which he considers his:

  • Favourite song that didn’t make the cut for 101 Tripod Hits
  • Least favourite song (that also didn’t make the book)
  • Favourite song that he knows the others hate, so loves it even more.

Episode Notes:

01:37 – It’s the Pog Couple!

29:50 – Gatesy and Pog receive a wonderful letter

34:00 – Gatesy’s Audio Corner anyone? Want to suggest a segment you’d like to hear? Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

52:40 – Recording of Dirty Power from Perfectly Good Songs

1:11:03 – Recording of The Homophobic Christmas Tree from For The Love Of God!

1:22:39 – Recording of Shiny Chin also from Perfectly Good Songs

1:36:10 – Gatesy compliments Poggo

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