Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre – December 3

Brunswick Ballroom – Christmas Show – December 5

It’s Christmas! Hang your metaphorical stockings on the fireplace (sit yourself down in the Brunswick Ballroom) and Tripod will come down the chimney (enter the stage) and put (sing) gifts (songs) into your stockings (you) so that the next morning you’ll wake up and say “I feel loved by someone other than my family.”

This year the Tripod Christmas Show is on the 5th December – before things get too mental.  Scod, Yon and Gatesy show off their beloved catalogue of Khristmas Kharacters (TM) – not to mention special guest Jude Perl!

Princess Theatre, Launceston – January 14

Hobart Theatre Royal – January 15

Tripod at Canberra Playhouse – March 26