Join the perfectly good men of Australian music comedy legends Tripod, along with your host Andrew Pogson, on this musical adventure podcast celebrating all things Tripod. Featuring live performances, tight three part harmonies, stories, jokes, laughs, tears, poor adlib and much much more.

Episode 84: MICF Special

Pst! We’re back! For a very special SPECIAL episode of Perfectly Good Podcast. And why put the band/pod back together? Because it’s the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Tripod are doing THE WHOLE RUN. All 22 shows of it – scary. And what’s more Andrew Pogson is Producing. What’s a “Producer” actually do? Don’t […]

Episode 83: Christmas Special

We made it Folks! We’ve hit that traditional time of year again with the PGP Christmas Special. Rejoice one and all! And what Christmas Special would be complete without a special guest? And what better special guest than Father Christmas himself: Casey Bennetto!

Episode 82: Penultimate Songs in 20 Minutes!

Here we are again, coming at you with the penultimate episode of Season 5 – many would say one of our more successful seasons since Season 4.

Episode 81: There You Are, Some Songs in 20 Minutes!

Is it that time again? Season 5 Episode 10! And with double digits comes double the laughs and double the fun. Also, double for your money. Also double trouble.

Episode 80: Here It Is, Some Songs in 20 Minutes!

Here we are again – Season 5 Episode 9, with more of the good stuff. That stuff? Songs in 20 Minutes of course(!) with the winner of last episode: Simon Hall’s “I Hit Enter Too Soon”. What ever will the team do with this strange (and winning) offering? Tune in! Oh! And we have three […]

Episode 79: I Mean, Yet Again, More Songs in 20 Minutes?

In Season 5 Episode 8 we bravely face another gruelling week of Song in 20 Minutes challenges. Who will be victorious in the never-ending battle for supremacy? Poggo?

Episode 78: Yet Again, More Songs in 20 Minutes?

In Season 5 Episode 7 we continue the dark journey to song perfection with another offering of three songs BUT we also get another brand new intro AND the results from last episode’s winner. What a JAM PACKED EPISODE!

Episode 77: Again, More Songs in 20 Minutes?!

In Season 5 Episode 6 we proceed with not three, but FOUR Songs in 20 Minutes (sort of). And even better is you don’t have to wait too long for the first one. It sets a low bar…

Episode 76: Yet More Songs in 20 Minutes Again

In Season 5 Episode 5 (double fives, high five!*smack*) we continue down the path of 20 minute songs made good. In this episode we hear the result of winner Scod with “Lost Socks” – where Tripod takes it is anyone’s guess.

Episode 75: Yet More Songs in 20 Minutes

In Season 5 Episode 4 we continue our journey through the creative world of Song in 20 Minutes with last week’s winner “Pluto”, originally by Scod but with many elements added by Tripod. Enjoy the fruits of their labours!

Episode 74: More Songs in 20 Minutes

We’re back with another episode of songwriting with the results from episode 2’s winner “9PM PJs” along with three new songs to battle it out for supremacy. Who will win? No one knows… well, I know, but I also spent time editing the show AND I was on the show so I have a pretty good idea. Also, I chose the winner. So you *could* say I *really* know who won.

Episode 73: More Song in 20 Minutes

In episode 2 of season 5 we hear the wonderful results from episode 1’s “Song in 20 Minutes” winner Steven Gates: “Water Your Fuckin’ Plants”. Poggo also turns up with some iso-inspired creativity along with all of the usual shenanigans. And if it wasn’t already clear during the show, these episodes are now being recorded LIVE and broadcast (LIVE) via Tripod’s YouTube channel.

Episode 72: Season 5

We’re back for Season 5, and this time we’re broadcasting from our isolation across the web at the same time. Yes, have your dreams come true! Tune into Tripod’s Youtube channel and you can watch the faces that have been talking on this podcast for over 4 years.

Episode 71: Christmas Special

It’s that time of the year folks! Sit back and relax, and enjoy the tradition of the PGP Chrissy Special. We love you all! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks. See you in 2020!

Episode 70: The Rise of China

We’re back! This episode was recorded back in August but we’re finally serving it up now (hot!…still) – a big apology from Poggo for the delay. Life gets in the way sometimes…

Episode 69: Birthdays

In this episode we continue with “The Great War” – when the group ever get to a “war” is hard to tell. That said we do enjoy a new game called “Ratso” – I’ll let you discover what that is…

Episode 68: Return of Theatre of the Mind!

Due to popular demand we’re back! And what are we back with? but none other than Poggo’s Theatre of the mind. In this edition Yon takes the DM chair and we check out a shaky setting of World War I. I’m sure nothing can go wrong… We even manage to get to some segments and a song before the episode is done. So join us won’t you?

Episode 67: Human Violence

In Season 4, Episode 7 we explore the world of Human Violence, except we don’t – who knew?! But the song is about Human Violence… and as always, Gatesy keeps us on topic whenever he can.

Episode 66: Irony

In episode 6 of this season (4) we finally explore the topic of irony? And what could be more ironic than not knowing what irony is? Join us, won’t you, as we discover what it does/doesn’t mean together?

Episode 65: Teeth

In Season 4 Episode 5 we chance upon a chance topic – there’s no other way to say it. Gatesy arrived, fresh from the dentist, and at that moment we knew there was only going to be one thing we were going to talk about…

Episode 64: First Love

In Episode 4 (of the 4th Season of our Lord) we continue to delve into the little-heard catalogue of Tripod. What do we find? Our first love(s) of course! Well, not really, but the song is about first love and we give some stories about first loves. It’s actually on topic at certain points. Season 4 is full of surprises!

Episode 63: Change, Wisdom and Growth

In Season 4, episode 3 we look at three topics (in one): Change, Wisdom and Growth. But! What has changed, who has wisdom and what has grown? Tune in to find out? Featuring a live performance of yet more “B-Sides and Rarities” as is the MASTER TOPIC of Season 4…

Episode 62: Loss of Innocence

Did you ever lose your innocence dear listener? Well Tripod did and they’re here to tell you all about it. In Season 4 Episode 2 we explore such a topic along with another rarely heard Tripod song from their Double J  stint on “The Writers Room”. Also! This episode features the Blaxophone – prepare to lose your innocence as you listen to Poggo’s sultry tones.

Episode 61: Season 4

And we’re back! Welcome to another season of Perfectly Good Podcast. Who would have thought we would have made it to our 4th year? Not me! (Poggo).

Episode 60: Christmas Special

In this episode, our final for Season 3, we do what we do every year and celebrate the festive season with a Christmas Special. And what is special about it? Well, Poggo for one, came prepared with a show structure. See if you can tell the difference.

Episode 59: Old School

In this week in Tripod… wait! that was last episode. In this episode of Perfectly Good Podcast we take things back…WAY BACK. All the way back to school. Which school? The old one.

Episode 58: This Week in Tripod

This week in Perfectly Good Podcast we focus on what happened this week with a theme we call “This Week in Tripod”. Weak? Week! It includes stories, sort-of-new segments and a trumpet lesson.

Episode 57: Variety Shows Part 2

In Part 2 of our Variety Shows series we continue to explore the topic (probably) by way of MUCH variety. What does that mean? Listen and see (…hear… probably hear).

Episode 56: Variety Shows Part 1

We’re Back! In Season 3 Episode 11 we check out where it all started, a little variety TV show called Hey Hey It’s Saturday. But, of course, our chats venture onto all sorts of topics – one could say a “variety” of topics. Variety.

Episode 55: Not Knowing Stuff

In Season 3 Episode 10 we get around to talking about stuff we don’t know about. Poggo says it should be a short episode because he knows lots of things.

Episode 54: Excess

In Season 3 Episode 9 we decide to go overboard and explore the exciting world of excess. Everything in this episode is excessive: new bumpers, new segments and excessive show length. Well, actually, the length is on the money for PGP, but perhaps we have been excessive since Episode 1?

Episode 53: Cool

In Season 3 Episode 8 we explore what makes a human cool. And who better to adjudicate on such things than the Perfectly Cool™ hosts of Perfectly Good Podcast™©®? Come and learn some things with us!

Episode 52: Cars

In Episode 7 of the 3rd Season we decide to discuss something which all of us are heavily unqualified to talk about: Cars. Why? Because we wanted to sing a song by The Cars called Drive. Also it gave us a chance to sing Drive King… OK? Sometimes that’s all it takes to put together a theme. A THEME ABOUT CARS.

Episode 51: Paul

In Season 3 Episode 6 we find ourselves one man down and so we seek to create balance by finding yet *another* man. But not just any man! Our favourite man named Paul. Well… it’s Gatesy’s favourite Paul. Poggo’s favourite Paul is Paul Hogan.

Episode 50: LIVE

Today we celebrate 50 episodes of Perfectly Good Podcast. And what better way to celebrate than with a live show with special guests Ben Northey and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! It was such a fun time and now YOU get to hear the results.

Episode 49B: Eagles?

In probably one of the most shocking twists in Perfectly Good Podcast History, we discover that there is a lost episode, somewhere in the ether. That episode, known as “Episode 4A”, is perhaps lost to time. But here we are with a superior episode friends(!)… but this time without Yon. Does he have something to do with it? Tune in and find out.

Episode 48: Defunct

What do we call things that are old and out-of-date/fashion? Don’t know? Well let’s let the marvellous men of Tripod (and the always-in-fashion Poggo) learn us about the wonderful world of defunct….things. Succinct!

Episode 47: Golden Oldies

Our theme this week perfectly describes our hosts, so it was a great surprise to find that we had never covered it. Perhaps(!) we had been covering it all along, simply by *being*? And what could be more golden and oldie than a live performance of “In The Still Of The Night”? Not much is what.

Episode 46: Season 3!

We’re back and we’re ready to rumble for Season 3! What have the guys been up to? What have you been up to? You never call, you know? But wait! You asked for it and we got onto it. We have launched our new Patreon.

Episode 45: Christmas Special

It’s that time of the year again – THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Peace and goodwill to four men and all that.

Episode 44.1: BONUS Take

In a rare occurrence Poggo actually has a full recording of the one-time-rehearsal we performed of “The Gods Are People Too” in the room. Perhaps you would like to hear this different take? You might notice that Poggo also forgot to turn the room mic on… so there’s that. Professional!

Episode 44: Creative Types

In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Tripod and Poggo talk about Creative Types whilst attempting to keep all songs until the very end of the episode.

Episode 43: Song in an Hour LIVE

In Episode 43 we finally make good on a threat from long ago; to record, live, a Song in an Hour… LIVE. Our fine listeners have sent in their topics and Tripod are ready to have their process laid bare for all to scrutinise.

Episode 42: REDACTED

In Episode 42 we thought about telling you the theme, but then you would enter into this thing with a preconceived set of expectations. So we have a little experiment – how’s about we the theme and then you get in touch on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what YOU think it is?! Sound good?

Episode 41: Capitalism

Tripod and Poggo tackle the one topic they are most passionate about: Capitalism! They love money so much that there is not a single moment of their day that is not costing them money. It’s really wonderful.

Episode 40: The Road

In this episode Tripod and Poggo find themselves on the road (but only after a flight to Hobart). We’re recording live from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra right before This Gaming Life and we’re joined by an exciting guest.

Episode 39: Cheap Laughs

Are cheap laughs really that cheap? Well sure, they’re free, but are they really? (Yes). In this episode we explore the world of cheap laughs… or do we?

Episode 38: Swords and Sorcery Part 3

It’s our 3rd part of “Swords and Sorcery”! Why? Because we still have more songs to sing on the subject. The rest of the episode *also* contains things of note like another Aquaman lyric submission that promises to deliver on the original promise of a serious song to the glorious melody.

Episode 37.5: Gatesy and Pog

Due to a scheduling error, we have not been as successful as we could have been in recording a new episode. I guess what we’re saying is that we literally didn’t get an episode done. But here is a new episode?! Don’t get your hopes up!

Episode 37: Body Image

Tripod are not vein men, but when they look in a mirror or catch a sideways glance of their reflection in the shop windows on Swanston St they see nothing but shame. But shame on them(!) for today we discuss the touchy topic of Body Image. We also continue our epic adventure through Flanghorn Village with Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind.

Episode 36: Swords and Sorcery Part 2

Are you ready for MORE adventure? Well so are Tripod! Having had so much fun with Swords and Sorcery last episode, the gents are back again with Part 2 of their ongoing adventure. Will it be a trilogy? Who can say! All we know is that Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind is a lot of work for Poggo to SFX at the start (but sounds sooo great!)

Episode 35: Swords and Sorcery Part 1

Are you ready for adventure? Tripod are! This episode we discuss “Swords and Sorcery” and all of the nerdy things that those two things involve. But, dear listener, we can’t contain such a vast topic to just one part – oh no – this is just Part 1 of an ongoing saga. Perhaps there will be a trilogy? How very “Fantasy”!

Episode 34: Murder

Many have said that Tripod really kill it on stage. Others have said that they really kill it on stage…with MURDER (no they don’t). This week’s episode is about Murder! Why? Because it fit a couple of our favourite songs that’s why. Strangely, we also manage to stay on topic for this one – take that how you want.

Episode 33: Love Want

In Episode 33 Poggo attempts to seek redemption from the Old Tripod Gods for the crimes of last episode by asking for forgiveness and then promptly moving on to the much more focussed topic of “Love Want”. Does that make sense to you? No?

Episode 32: Life and Living

In Episode 32 we explore one of the most open ended topics we have tackled to date: “Life and Living”. Even with a topic this broad, we have trouble even vaguely keeping on point. But that’s why you love us don’t you?

Episode 31: Scod: Scorner: The Episode

Tripod and Poggo are angry. They are so angry that they needed to dedicate an entire episode to venting that anger. And what better way to vent that anger than via a hijacking of Scod: Scorner? And thus, Scod: Scorner: The Episode was born.

Episode 30: Freaky Love

No body asked for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway – it’s *another* episode about love/sex. This time the “freaky” kind – Poggo apologises profusely.

Episode 29: Nostalgia

Tripod like to remember things. They like to remember when times were simpler. They like to remember when they were younger, hungrier and harder working. So why not spend an entire episode reminiscing about the good ol’ days?

Episode 28: Money

In this episode the gang talk about one of their favourite topics: Money. What is it? Where do you get it from? How do you then get more of it afterwards?

Episode 27: Heroes

In this episode the gang delve into the exciting topic of Heroes – who are they, what do they do, how many times can we say “Hero” to seem on topic, that sort of thing. And what better heroes exist in the Tripod œuvre than the “Ballad of Ronnie” and “Aquaman” – we hear their exploits put to song and then… sung…. live.

Season 2: Political

In a stunning turn of events, Perfectly Good Podcast has been renewed for a second season. So we’re back on the air with all the usual stuff that kept you mildly entertained whilst getting ready for work in the morning.

Episode 25: Christmas

It’s our final episode of the year, and what better way to celebrate than to come “full circle” and finish on the topic that we started on – Christmas!

Episode 24: LIVE

It’s finally here, the episode we have all been waiting for: Tripod and Poggo LIVE at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. To say that this episode is jam-packed would be an understatement.

Episode 23: Songs Cut

Here at Perfectly Good Podcast we hate leaving people out, and if songs were people that’s exactly what happened. Well over 200 people were left out in fact, so this episode we go about shining a light on some of those… people… OK this analogy is falling over now.

Episode 22: Parties

Here’s a question: If there are so many parties going on then why are we never at one? In this week’s episode we explore this very question AND MORE. Poggo tells a sad party story, Tripod sing songs about things and Scod confesses his sins to Father Yon.

Episode 21: Sex

Ewwwwwww. In this episode we delve under the covers and touch on the topic of sex. Sexy sex. Everyone’s doing it. Or are they?

Episode 20: Brevity

With so many rambling episodes that just go on and on, Tripod decide to mix it up by keeping this one to the length of the average commute. Why? Totally not because we ran out of time and needed to get to a sound check. We even managed to fit in three (short) songs – more bang for your minute!

Episode 19: Technology

Technology. It’s everywhere. It’s in every part of our lives. You’re even reading this via the power of technology and you didn’t even realise it. That’s the power of technology.

Episode 18: Lady Robots Part 2

In this episode Poggo gets a little Hollywood and recaps Part 1 with a stunning amount of copyright infringement before moving onto a new Cyber Bag™ with the usual mixed results. It’s at this point that we pick up where we left off – Tripod stuck in a jail (gaol?) cell on an alien planet. But what happens next??

Episode 17: Lady Robots Part 1

This week we venture deep into a classic Tripod show “Lady Robots”. But so thorough is our re-telling of the tale that we decide to present this in-depth discussion in two parts. HERE IS PART 1.

Episode 16: Songs in an Hour

We made a promise back in Episode 15, and now it’s time to make good on that promise! This week we look at “Song in an Hour”, its history and some of the results of those”hours”, with finished products like “Surfers Paradise The Musical” (not from the book – GASP!), “Kevin Bacon” (also not in the book – DRAMATICALLY DRAWS BREATH!) and “Boggyman” (is in book – EXHALES). A wonderful portal into a bygone era of Tripod.

Episode 15: Love

There’s been one thing missing from Perfectly Good Podcast for all these episodes, and that, friends, is LOVE. The Beatles once said it was all you needed but that doesn’t stop Yon from making sure that Poggo will never feel its sweet embrace EVER.

Episode 14: Dragons

After what seems like months, the gang is finally back together in their natural habitat – sitting around a small table in a darkened room BUT in their home town of Melbourne AND at a normal time of the day. This week Tripod and Poggo decide to look a little closer into one of Tripod’s more recent theatrical shows, a show that potentially marked a turning point in their artistic direction; “Tripod versus the Dragon”.

Episode 13.5: Bonus Round

In what can only be described as the “Ultimate Solo Sesh”, Poggo takes advantage of the fact that Tripod-collaborator-and-friend Austin Wintory is in the country by making a sneaky bonus episode in their hotel room in Adelaide. What could be more solo than a Tripod Podcast WITHOUT Tripod?!

Episode 13: TGL

Strap yourselves in for one of our longest episodes yet! Wait wait… don’t leave right away, it’s for good reason. In this episode Tripod and Poggo find themselves in Adelaide preparing to perform “This Gaming Life” with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra AND are joined by very special guest Austin Wintory – composer of game scores like Journey, Banner Saga and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. More people in the room than ever before? I’m sure it will be a tight show.

Episode 12: Yon

Spurred on by a deep deep jealously, the team decide that it’s time for Yon’s Solo Sesh™! This time we delve deep into the psyche of what makes Yon tick, only to discover that… well, how’s about you just tune in?

Episode 11: Scod

On the back of a successful “Solo Sesh” with Gatesy and Poggo, Tripod decide to serve it up fresh™ with a different member of the trio. This time we get some one-on-one time with Scod, Tripod’s answer to the question “Can men with beards really play guitar”?

Episode 10: Stopy Starty

Join Tripod and Poggo on another episode of stories, songs (that start and then stop) and listener questions that are sure to delve deep into the Tripod mythos. And the theme for this episode? Why it’s Tripod’s brand of starting a song and then stopping to argue that gets the focus this week (or “Starty Stopys”). Do they work without an audience? You be the judge.

Episode 9: Gatesy

In a never ending quest to deliver the most “fresh” and “exciting” content, Tripod have changed it up AGAIN and thought the best way to achieve this was not to turn up at all. For what is more pure than a podcast that contains no content BUT in some cosmic way contains ALL content as a result?!

Episode 8: Melbourne

Finally, after what feels like months of not being in the same room, Tripod and Poggo are back in Melbourne for their 8th episode of amazing content. And what better way to celebrate such an occasion? A Melbourne-themed episode is what.

Episode 7: Family

It’s yet another podcast recorded on the road, making it a hat-trick of occasions that Andrew has had to actually do some editing work. In this podcast Tripod and Andrew Pogson explore “Families”… for a few moments before they get back onto gently rambling stories that go nowhere and everywhere.

Episode 6: Themes

Themes. What are they, and where do they come from? Tune in to this episode to find out that the only theme this podcast has in common with Themes is the theme of talking a lot about all things that aren’t the theme.

Episode 5: Touring

This week Tripod find themselves in sunny Brisbane on tour, whilst Andrew is stuck in Melbourne like a criminal. All is not lost! Through the power of technology they are able to bust apart their geographical differences, and take the opportunity to talk about what it’s like to be on tour and being away from home.

Episode 4: Words

Another episode another theme. This week Tripod and their host Andrew Pogson talk about words…. with their words! It’s a theme that can be enjoyed on many layers… with their layers! Wait.

Episode 3: Religion

In an attempt to put some regularity in their podcast release schedule, Tripod and Andrew Pogson have released yet another fresh episode of Perfectly Good Podcast at the same time as last time, a mere fortnight later. Let’s see if they can keep this punishing schedule moving forward.

Episode 2: Perfectly Good Podcast

Having staved off cancellation from their Christmas debut, Tripod and Andrew Pogson are back with another episode of time-filling-Tripod-antics along with a NEW NAME! Yes, Twitter user @SirJoeFlex suggested “Perfectly Good Podcast” and it stuck. It stuck hard.

Episode 1: The Tripod Podcast – Xmas Debut!

You asked for it, and ten years later Tripod delivered. The first ever Tripod Podcast is here and just in time for Christmas! Join your host Andrew Pogson in celebrating all things Tripod, including live performances, stories that go nowhere and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Hate the podcast’s name like we do? Great!