Perfect Tripod


In case you’d missed it, we’ve been doing some shows with Eddie Perfect: singer/actor/writer/man extraordinaire.

Melbourne and Brissie have had a taste of Perfect Tripod Australian Songs and Perth and Sydney follow this Aug and Sept.

And now there’s an album. Farnsey, Gotye, Bowditch, Minogue, Band (the Little River Band. This one word-for-the-artist thing goes all weird when you apply it to band names) all get a run. We’re gonna launch it in Melbourne in the foyer of Hamer Hall on the 28th Aug. We’ll do some songs, answer some questions. There will be a bar. Quote AUSSIE in the promo code, and for $35 you get the signed album as well as the above.

You can’t get it until the launch – though you can pre-order on iTunes.