Season 2: Political

In a stunning turn of events, Perfectly Good Podcast has been renewed for a second season. So we’re back on the air with all the usual stuff that kept you mildly entertained whilst getting ready for work in the morning.

In this season opener we choose the theme of politics to get our mind-engines turning over, with live performances of “Suicide Bomber” and “Climate Change” along with a recording of “The Stuffing”.

A BIG THANK YOU to listener Alyssa Johnson for designing (and drawing “Poggo”) in our Season 2 podcast image. We have the best fans.

Episode Notes:

00:48 – We’ve been renewed for Season 2!

08:33 – Poggo has been seeing other podcasts with “Art of the Score”. Check it out:

16:45 – Live performance of Suicide Bomber from Songs from Self Saucing

21:40 – It’s Suicide Bomber with backing vocals only. Tripod Karaoke!

41:20 – Live performance of Climate Change from Men of Substance

57:57 – It’s back! Scod Scorner…

1:06:48 – SCOD talks himself out of it this time

1:16:38 – Recording of The Stuffing

1:20:00 – Time for a quick jazz lesson

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