Episode 11: Scod

On the back of a successful “Solo Sesh” with Gatesy and Poggo, Tripod decide to serve it up fresh™ with a different member of the trio. This time we get some one-on-one time with Scod, Tripod’s answer to the question “Can men with beards really play guitar”?

Not content with following a simple formula, Poggo and Scod abandon the standard format set by Gatesy (who some rate as the most successful of the previous solo session contributors) and break down two songs – one that Scod no longer likes and one he LOVES. The result? A 90min journey through harmonic and melodic nerdery!

In this episode the duo break down “Autistic” along with “Ivory Tower” and then worry whether the audience really want this level of detail. (Do you? Get back to us)!

Episode Notes:

01:50 – It’s Just The Two Of Us! But with much less rap.

02:30 – Turns out Scod WON’T be putting photos of Poggo’s house in the show notes…

14:54 – Recording of Autistic from Songs From Self-Saucing

39:45 – Recording of Ivory Tower from Tripod versus the Dragon

51:10 – Scod’s first-concept imagery/lyrics for Ivory Tower

55:57 – Scod’s second attempt at writing lyrics for Ivory Tower

1:09:41 – Megan Washington’s first demo of Ivory Tower

1:11:20 – Let’s break this down musically…

Want access to some of the material we covered (lyrics and Megan’s demo in full)? Download them here with our compliments.

Podcast Shoutout!

Check out these two great music podcasts, mentioned in the show, that break down songs.

Scod’s favourite: Song Exploder

Poggo’s favourite: Star Wars Oxygen

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