Episode 16: Songs in an Hour

We made a promise back in Episode 15, and now it’s time to make good on that promise! This week we look at “Song in an Hour”, its history and some of the results of those”hours”, with finished products like “Surfers Paradise The Musical” (not from the book – GASP!), “Kevin Bacon” (also not in the book – DRAMATICALLY DRAWS BREATH!) and “Boggyman” (is in book – EXHALES). A wonderful portal into a bygone era of Tripod.

Speaking of bygone eras – Tripod have vacuumed the club house and discovered endless hidden merch-gems. Many in formats that are STILL VALID TODAY! Gatesy starts a business as a result… (you can hit it up RIGHT HERE).

Show Notes:

00:00 – Yep, we recorded this on Census Night. Tripod were not responsible for the DOS attack.

04:27 – It was Episode 15 Poggo. Geez.

07:45 – Discover the “Principals of Song In An Hour”. Follow these laws at home.

16:42 – A neck like this guy.

21:38 – Recorded performance of Surfers Paradise The Musical from About An Hour Of Song-In-An-Hour…Again

25:23 – If you’re not familiar with the scene from West Side Story, here’s the scene in question.

33:50 – Recorded performance of Kevin Bacon from About An Hour Of Song-In-An-Hour…Again

48:13 – Here’s The Writer’s Room. Check it out.

50:14 – It’s Gatesy’s Merch Corner WITH NEW BUMPER**

56:54 – Everything must go. Head to Tripod’s Bandcamp Merch Store (handled by Gatesy) now:


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1:10:58 – Recorded performance of Boggyman from About An Hour Of Song-In-An-Hour…Again

1:20:50 – Send in your questions for next week’s Cyber bag!

**We improvised this bumper in one take. I don’t think you can tell…

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