Episode 3: Religion

In an attempt to put some regularity in their podcast release schedule, Tripod and Andrew Pogson have released yet another fresh episode of Perfectly Good Podcast at the same time as last time, a mere fortnight later. Let’s see if they can keep this punishing schedule moving forward.

And what does episode 3 have in store? Apart from being a hat-trick of releases, or a “hat-pod” if you will, the team explore the ever popular topic of Religion. It doesn’t get deep…

The boys perform podcast-live™ versions of I Had To Pay My Debt To The Devil, Someday The Lord and The Gods Are People Too. And how did we get onto this theme? Why one of our Twitter listeners requested a song of course (and you can too)! Just hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and make a suggestion.

Episode Notes:

12:10 – Live performance of “I Had To Play My Debt To The Devil” from How To Train An Attack Dog From Scratch

41:40 – Live performance of “Someday The Lord” from Fegh Maha

1:02:29 – Live performance of “The Gods Are People Too” from Tripod versus the Dragon

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As promised, here’s some footage of the Lady Robot 205501, (pron. zossol)