Episode 31: Scod: Scorner: The Episode

Tripod and Poggo are angry. They are so angry that they needed to dedicate an entire episode to venting that anger. And what better way to vent that anger than via a hijacking of Scod: Scorner? And thus, Scod: Scorner: The Episode was born.

Featuring live performances of “One More Annoying Couple”, “I Hate This Place” and “King Kong” along with all your favourite segments AND(!) a new submission for lyrics to Poggin Hoo… I mean… Aquaman.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – One must face the Lord of Scorn to ask permission. Gatesy and Yon were also there… somewhere

05:25 – Did you suggest today’s theme? Write in on Twitter or Facebook and tell us!

06:20 – Live performance of One More Annoying Couple from Men of Substance

09:02 – It’s the first Scorn of the night! Poggo is an arse

12:19 – Can you Scorn a Scorn?

14:10 – Yes! Our first listener submission for writing new lyrics to Aquaman. Awesome.

23:56 – Poggo has a confession. Absolut-Yon can help…

25:56 – It’s a Social Norm cross-over episode

32:50 – Live performance of I Hate This Place from Monster Beach

38:15 – Our second Scorn. This time it’s Gatesy.

43:45 – Live performance of King Kong from Songs from Self Saucing

54:36 – Gatesy and Poggo have a private chat

55:28 – Now Poggo and Scod book a date

55:45 – Our third Scorner: Yon.

56:35 – Join the Tally Hoes! Hit us up on Twitter with your PS4 account name

58:30 – Poggo seeks an Absolut-Yon and a genius segment flip

1:01:18 – Poggo unleashes our fourth Scorn. Gatesy receives a blasting.

1:09:09 – The anger leaves the bodies of Tripod and Poggo

1:09:38 – I spoke too soon…

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