Episode 34: Murder

Many have said that Tripod really kill it on stage. Others have said that they really kill it on stage…with MURDER (no they don’t). This week’s episode is about Murder! Why? Because it fit a couple of our favourite songs that’s why. Strangely, we also manage to stay on topic for this one – take that how you want.

Featuring live performances of “Jokes Jokes Jokes” and “Fly So High” along with the usual witty banter you have grown to tolerate.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – Another brilliant cold open

04:58 – It’s Gatesy’s Chip Review!

07:30 – And thus begins a 15 minute conversation about pronunciation…

11:50 – It’s our theme! And our theme is in the title (spoilers)

12:35 – It’s time to stay on topic with our first topic story

16:00 – Yes we are Yon

26:00 – Check out one of Poggo’s favourite games Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

30:00 – Live performance of Jokes Jokes Jokes from Assassins Creed: Syndicate

38:30 – It’s time we talk about commissions from corporate organisations

58:25 – It’s SOCIAL NORM – sort of

1:01:20 – We talk about compliments

1:07:50 – Poggo compliments Gatesy FOR REAL

1:10:45 – Live performance of Fly So High from Middleborough Road

1:13:10 – Poggo breaks it down – a little bit of time signature theory

1:23:40 – Gatesy makes offers he can’t deliver on

1:24:40 – No Aquaman this week – sorry!

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