Episode 36: Swords and Sorcery Part 2

Are you ready for MORE adventure? Well so are Tripod! Having had so much fun with Swords and Sorcery last episode, the gents are back again with Part 2 of their ongoing adventure. Will it be a trilogy? Who can say! All we know is that Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind is a lot of work for Poggo to SFX at the start (but sounds sooo great!)

Featuring live performances of “The Messenger’s Dream” and a new Aquaman lyric submission that draws its inspiration from a beloved podcast character.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s More Poggo’s Theatre of the Mind! We continue the tale of a man, a woman and their mailman

16:30 – Commence the amazing conversation

 19:05 – Will we? Does this count?

21:45 – Pick up your own soundscape software from Syrinscape

23:30 – It’s Gamma World

33:20 – Live performance of The Messenger’s Dream from Live at Woodford – with epic intro

39:20 – Poggo attempts to describe a very visual thing with his words. He fails.

45:28 – Here’s that Youtube clip here

48:38 – It’s another Aquaman lyrics submission. FEATURING an amazing vocal solo from Poggo

52:07 – Commence the feedback

1:09:52 – Do YOU want to hear more Tripod DnD?

1:14:05 – Pizza ruined everything

1:15:17 – And that was Scod’s Scorner

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