Episode 4: Words

Another episode another theme. This week Tripod and their host Andrew Pogson talk about words…. with their words! It’s a theme that can be enjoyed on many layers… with their layers! Wait.

Featuring funny songs about those words, like Cuckold, Jeboticabal and Kempt. Plus Andrew makes an unfortunate mistake followed by a very classy apology, which was totally accepted by Yon because they are good friends.

Moving on.

Episode Notes:

20:01 – Live performance of Cuckold from Open Slather

41:20 – Get the book “101 Tripod Hits” here! It’s totally out and it’s glorious

43:00 Live performance of Jeboticabal from Perfectly Good Songs

1:03:09 Album version of Kempt from Fegh Maha

1:09:40 An apology

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