Episode 47: Golden Oldies

Our theme this week perfectly describes our hosts, so it was a great surprise to find that we had never covered it. Perhaps(!) we had been covering it all along, simply by *being*? And what could be more golden and oldie than a live performance of “In The Still Of The Night”? Not much is what.

Join us won’t you, as we discover more “classic” segments for Season 3… and finally get to debrief about The Last Jedi.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – The heads in “Bacta Tank” jars are back… but this time with a disturbing addition

04:15 – What a train wreck

07:45 – We’re on Patreon. Join us friend

08:25 – And it’s a new Patreon Bumper

10:25 – Who’s got a million dollars?

14:20 – Subscribe and rate! As Gatesy says, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all

16:05 – Gatesy pitches a new segment

28:20 – We’re (Perfectly Good Podcast) appearing LIVE in Melbourne (Hamer Hall) with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Link is here See ya there!

30:20 – BUT! Tripod are also appearing with the MOS on stage in a full blown concert. Link is also here

34:45 – We get to the theme…finally

36:30 – Gatesy and Yon troll Scod. Poggo also joins in

39:20 – Live performance of In The Still Of The Night

43:50 – We stumble upon an instant classic segment for Scod

44:37 – We even whip up a new bumper!

51:50 – Yon blows up about the new Westworld trailer music. Let’s check it out

1:01:25 – And thus begins a mega discussion about Star Wars: The Last Jedi – bare with us

1:29:30 – Time to thank our awesome Patreon Producers and Executive Producers!

1:31:00 – Just jump here if you don’t like Star Wars

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