Episode 51: Paul

In Season 3 Episode 6 we find ourselves one man down and so we seek to create balance by finding yet *another* man. But not just any man! Our favourite man named Paul. Well… it’s Gatesy’s favourite Paul. Poggo’s favourite Paul is Paul Hogan.

Featuring a little history about our man Paul along with performances of “Throw Your Arms Around Me” and a little sneak peak of Paul and Gatesy’s new show together.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We’re out on the street OK?

01:57 – Is this the first Gentlemen’s Intermission *during* the cold open?

03:58 – Our “Scod” is revealed

05:15 – Gatesy never learns

12:50 – We reveal our theme

13:00… We discover much about our guest’s past

55:45 – It’s Scod: Flick Licker – we discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story and get into spoiler territory

1:29:15 – A live performance of a piece from Gatesy and Paul’s new show

1:51:19 – A live performance of “Throw Your Arms Around Me” in tribute to DAAS

Check out Gatesy and Paul’s shows: https://www.facebook.com/mcdermottandgates/

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