Episode 54: Excess

In Season 3 Episode 9 we decide to go overboard and explore the exciting world of excess. Everything in this episode is excessive: new bumpers, new segments and excessive show length. Well, actually, the length is on the money for PGP, but perhaps we have been excessive since Episode 1?

Featuring live performances of More Than This and The Love of Three Men along with much MUCH more.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We start today’s episode in Poggo’s new offices.

06:25 – Poggo makes Gatesy say THE WORDS

09:30 – We kick things off with Gatesy’s Merch Corner

12:15 – It’s a new segment: Gatesy’s Side Hustles

14:28 – Another new segment? It’s Gatesy’s $20 Gamer… not sure it got off the ground

16:45 – We talk erotic thrillers, so some reason

23:00 – We move to Scod: Flick Licker… but Poggo can’t find the bumper. So Tripod “attempt” to recreate it live. They fail.

24:13 – OK, Poggo found the bumper

35:20 – Check out Secret Cinema – AMAZING

40:40 – We develop the new bumper for NEW SEGMENT ‘Castin’ Around.

48:15 – Gatesy telegraphs his ding

53:08 – Check out Seja Vogel’s podcast HearSej

59:10 – Live performance of More Than This by Roxy Music

1:14:50 – Live performance of The Love of Three Men from The Sideshow

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