Episode 55: Not Knowing Stuff

In Season 3 Episode 10 we get around to talking about stuff we don’t know about. Poggo says it should be a short episode because he knows lots of things.

He does not…

Featuring all the wit and banter you’ve come to love, along with a live performance of The Lonesome Gregarious Cowboy, Bubble Helicopter and some delightful Mailbag.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We open with Tripod and Poggo in the ER. The SAX-ER

03:18 – Thus concludes a very confusing cold open

04:00 – Commence talks about theatre and irritable leg syndrome…or something

16:15 – We discover the theme – Not Knowing Stuff. Poggo is arrogant

17:43 – Theatre of the Mind?

18:03 – Live performance of The Lonesome Gregarious Cowboy from Fegh Meha

27:35 – We discuss Morricone’s film music

39:18 – Poggo discusses his biggest fear

52:25 – We propose an interesting question

58:30 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag

1:14:10 – We discover the flaw in the Gentlemen’s Intermission

1:16:45 – Buy all your merch here – Tripod Bandcamp

1:19:30 – Do we have a new Aquaman challenge?!

1:24:10 – Live performance of Bubble Helicopter

1:31:15 – Thank you Patreon members!

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