Episode 58: This Week in Tripod

This week in Perfectly Good Podcast we focus on what happened this week with a theme we call “This Week in Tripod”. Weak? Week! It includes stories, sort-of-new segments and a trumpet lesson.

Featuring live performances of Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3 and Compass from Red Dead Redemption (1). Join us for the fun won’t you?

Episode Notes:

00:00 – We attempt a new type of opening. It does not work.

05:00 – Yon shares his deepest secrets with Poggo

07:08 – Scod proposes a theory about bullying

14:45 – We get to our theme!

15:30 – We explore a potential new segment called “Gatesy Deserves to Die”

18:10 – It’s a cliff hanger! Find out next week how “Gatesy Deserves to Die”

19:05 – It’s Yon with Showbiz Sheen

21:08 – Let’s get stuck into the theme and find out what folks have been doing this week – we start with Yon

35:58 – Live performance of Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3

46:30 – Let’s hear about Gatesy’s week

57:28 – Live performance of Compass from Red Dead Redemption 1

1:04:00 – I just looked it up and it wasn’t written for the game. Scod is correct!

1:07:00 – Poggo tries to get some Morricone into this song via a little trumpet workshop with Yon

1:12:00 – We argue about where to end the podcast

1:13:38 – Turns out we’re going to end here

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