Episode 62: Loss of Innocence

Did you ever lose your innocence dear listener? Well Tripod did and they’re here to tell you all about it. In Season 4 Episode 2 we explore such a topic along with another rarely heard Tripod song from their Double J  stint on “The Writers Room”. Also! This episode features the Blaxophone – prepare to lose your innocence as you listen to Poggo’s sultry tones.

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s a poor thought out opener. No one is more shocked than Future Poggo

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09:03 – Let’s talk ON TOPIC and discuss our loss of innocence moments

29:35 – The Season 4 return of Scod: Flick Licker!

50:05 – Tripod have a bet, and Poggo adjudicates

54:33 – Live performance of “Love is a Lie” first performed on Double J back in the day

59:00 – Yon gets Poggo to play a different sort of solo

101:40 – And yet more sax challenges from Yon…

…and then we go on…

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