Episode 64: First Love

In Episode 4 (of the 4th Season of our Lord) we continue to delve into the little-heard catalogue of Tripod. What do we find? Our first love(s) of course! Well, not really, but the song is about first love and we give some stories about first loves. It’s actually on topic at certain points. Season 4 is full of surprises!

Featuring a live performance of “I Have To Teach You A Broken Heart” from Double J’s “The Writer’s Room”. Enjoy!

Episode Notes:

00:00 – It’s the futuristic game show FIRST LOVE

15:19 – We finally get onto the topic

15:50 – We discuss our personal first loves (crushes)

25:20 – Why are we talking about strippers? But we are…

30:45 – It’s Poggin Hood Mailbag (with a shorter bumper!)

32:10 – The return of Future Poggo!

32:47 – Let the questions begin!

51:25 – A special bumper for a special listener

54:05 – Future Poggo is invoked again

56:44 – Live performance of “I Have To Teach You A Broken Heart”

1:05:15 – Let the arguing begin

1:12:00 – We break into song for some reason?!

…and that brings us to the end of things…

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