Episode 83: Christmas Special

We made it Folks! We’ve hit that traditional time of year again with the PGP Christmas Special. Rejoice one and all!

And what Christmas Special would be complete without a special guest? And what better special guest than Father Christmas himself: Casey Bennetto!

Casey joins us for not only some lively chats but also we throw down the gauntlet and force Casey to perform his own Song in 20 Minutes BUT this time he has to do it in real time whilst on the show. How does he do? Well, listen on friend…

And finally we must thank our Patreon supporters for all of their support throughout a long and tough year. Without them things would have been a lot lonelier on the live shows and, certainly, a lot harder to pay our bills. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

<3 And with that, we’ll leave you to enjoy the finale of our labours. Merry Christmas to you all!